Product Name Owandy I-Max Touch 3D RayScan 3D EDGE RayScan Alpha Plus 130
Intended Use  Implant Design
Implant design
Airway Analysis
Implant Design
Oral Surgery
No. of Installations 3600 More than 300 More than 300
Focal spot size 0.5 mm 0.5 mm 0.5 mm
Voxel size 185 µm 143-286 µm 70 µm – 400 µm
CBCT Image Detector Amorphous Silicon Flat Panel CMOS CMOS
CBCT Field of View (FOV) 93x82mm, 93x40mm, 93x52mm 8×8, 8×5 cm 4x3cm – 13x10cm
Freely Adjustable
Ceph Field of View
18x22cm , 24x22cm, 30×22 cm 20x24cm , 22x24cm, 26x24cm 20x24cm , 22x24cm, 26x24cm
Installation Footprint (with Ceph arm) 76W x 51D x 97H in 72.1W x 58.3D x 90.4H in 81.1W x 66.9D x 90.4H in
Radiation dosage 10 mA at 86 KV 17 mA at 90 KV 8 mA at 90 KV
Total exposure time 7.2 to 8 sec 14 sec 4.9-14 sec
Reconstruction time 30 sec 32 sec 4 sec
Degree of rotation 220° 360° 360°
Native DICOM3- compliant? Yes Yes Yes
Remote Control Wired push button Wireless Wireless
Operator PC Sold separately Included Included
Impression Scan? No Yes Yes
Pano Slicing to Full-Mouth Series No Yes Yes
Recommended Implant Planning Software ? SIMPLANT XELIS XELIS
Is viewing software bundled with CBCT purchase? Yes (optional) Yes Yes
Upgrade Paths From Pan to Pan+Ceph
From Pan to Pan+CBCT
From Pan to Pan+Ceph+CBCT
From Pan+CBCT to Pan+Ceph+CBCT From Pan+CBCT to Pan+Ceph+CBCT
Warranty period Hardware and Labor – 2 years.
Sensor, tubehead, flat panel display – 5 years.
Software – Unlimited.
Hardware and Software – 5 years.
Labor – 2 years.
Hardware and Software – 5 years.
Labor – 2 years.
Support handled through dealer or manufacturer? Dealer, manufacturer Dealer, manufacturer Dealer, manufacturer