True Low Dose Cone Beam CT

  • Industry leading resolution with voxel size of 70 microns
  • Endodontics – Smallest FOV (4x3cm vs. 5x5cm).
  • Reduce radiation dose up to 50% with Free FOV.

Panoramic Clarity Like Never Before

  • Adaptive Moving Focus Technology
  • Enhanced Imaging Processing Technology
  • High-definition image quality
  • Touch screen user interface

Ceph Options

Excellent image quality for orthodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons:

  • Scanning Cephalometry-Adjustable FOV with sizes up to 33x33cm.
  • Standard Size One-Shot Cephalometry-30x25cm
  • Large Size One-ShotCephalometry-33x33cm

CBCT Options

3D scanning for endodontists and implantology:

  • Alpha Plus 130-CBCT FOV (image size) 12x10cm
  • Alpha Plus 160-CBCT FOV (image size) 16x10cm

Your Own Exposure Control – Free FOV

  • Industry first visible light X-ray guide
  • Guide light is applicable to Panoramic, CT and Cephalometric Scanning

Be Comfortable – Elegant Wireless Remote Controller

Non-directional remote facilitates patient positioning:

  • Column height
  • Laser alignment
  • LED guide light
  • Rotation and more

Powerful User-Friendly Imaging Software

  • SMARTDent software for analyzing 2D images
  • Xelis for multi-planar reformatting and STL export
  • Powerful networking and DICOM 3.0 compatible
  • RAYSCANweb – Convenient access to data anywhere or anytime, compatible with tablets and smartphones



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