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The QuickRay sensor offers rounded corners, smooth edges and two sizes (size #1 for children | size #2 for adults) to optimize patient comfort while receiving a dental X-Ray. One of QuickRay’s biggest advantages is gain in time. Captured X-Ray images are projected directly to the dentist’s viewing screen in just ~3 seconds, making it the fastest intraoral dental sensor in the industry!

The thin, tough and durable polyamide housing is less than 1/4″ and features a CMOS imaging sensor chip, CSI Scintillator, electronic circuits, shielding foils, polyurethane cable and shock absorbers.


  1. More digital dental imaging history, experience, and innovations than any other company
  2. Established in 1989 and still in the same location
  3. Best price, guaranteed!
  4. Longest, Worry-Free Warranty Replacement Plan

Tired of ambiguous and worthless fee based “extended warranties”? When you purchase QuickRay or QuickRayHD there are no “Enrollment Fees” or “Annual Subscription Fees”. Our Warranty is clear: 2 years against defects; 7 years against accidental damage. When it comes to accidental damage we offer a 7 year replacement plan that is the longest and most comprehensive on the market. Thousands of customers have enjoyed savings and outstanding service since 1998; Shoudn’t You?

Are you still using film?

We can get your images into digital format to view on a computer using our new QuickImage imaging software, which is universally compatible along with our QuickRay sensor.



noannualfeereplacementplanPaying too Much for Dental Sensors & Dental Sensor Warranties?

Purchase with confidence when you are protected by our 7 year no annual fee replacement plan! QuickRay sensors comes with both a 2 year warranty against defects, a 7 year replacement cost guarantee against accidental damage, no enrollment fees and no annual fees!

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 12 x 4 in

Size 1, Size 2, Combo 1 & 2

Features & Specifcations


  • CMOS technology with scintillator
  • 2 Sensor Sizes (#1 & #2)
  • 4096 grayscale levels (12-bit image)
  • Direct USB Connection
  • No Data Box
  • No external power connection
  • Built in USB 2.0 Interface
  • Plug and Play functionality
  • Two sensors may be operated at the same time
  • Image transfer and control via computer system
  • Multi-Length sensor cables available
  • 12 bit image digitalization
  • 16 bit uncompressed image file
  • Well-defined software interface standard or 2×2 binned imaging modes
  • Intelligent Auto Trigger
  • Theoretical Resolution of 26.3lp/mm
  • Real Resolution of >20.00lp/mm or 0.05mm image detail
  • Signal to noise ratio: 40 dB
  • Scintillator: CSI depositing on fiber-less sub-strate
  • 2 Year Warranty & 7 Year Replacement Plan
  • CMOS chip material
  • Leading Image Quality
  • Rounded Corners for Patient Comfort
  • Replaceable sensor cord
  • QuickImage standard software
  • Number of Installations: 6,000+
  • Supports MAC: No
  • Bridges to major softwares: Yes
  • Recommended Exposure: 65KVP, 0.08msec
  • Direct or Indirect: Direct
  • Sensor Chip Material: CMOS
  • Sensor Resolution (lp/mm): 26.3
  • Sensor attachment to base: Direct
  • Sensor Connection: USB
  • Time from exposure to image: ~3-5 seconds
  • Image Size: 3MB – 5MB
  • DICOM compliant: Yes





Many have asked about Quickray versus Dentimax, or Uni-Ray compared to Dexis etc. Here is a dental sensor comparison where you can see the most common properties of the sensors summarized below.

QuickRay QuickRay HD Dentimax Dexis XDR CareStream (Kodak) Sirona (Schick CDR)
Warranty 2 Year Warranty & 7-Year No Annual Fee Replacement Plan Included
18 months incl, 5 year extended warranty available 1 year included, then $1,500 – $2,000/year 2 years included, 5 year extended warranty available 3 years included, 5 year extended warranty available 3 years included, 5 year extended warranty available
Leading Image Quality* Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Rounded Corners Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Replaceable cord Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes
“Box-less” Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Box Built on Cord No More than $3,000 box
Standard Software QuickImage QuickImage Dentimax Imaging Dexis Imaging XDR Software Kodak Dental Imaging (KDIS) Schick CDR (EagleSoft)
Independent Software Yes (Apteryx) Yes (Apteryx) Yes (Apteryx) No (Danaher) Yes (Apteryx) No (Kodak) No (Patterson)
Universal Software Works with other maker’s devices Yes Yes Yes Limited Yes No No
Sensor compatible with other maker’s SW Yes DentalEye and MiPACS only Yes DentalEye only Yes Yes Yes
Compatible with Windows 7,8,10 7,8,10 7,8 7,8 7,8 7,8
Compatible w/Mac Yes No Yes No Yes No No
Company History Established in 1989 Established in 1989 Established in 1998 Established in 2002 Originally Trophy, sold to Kodak, then sold to Carestream Established in 1995 Sold to Sirona

* Leading Image Quality is defined as “Actual Resolution” greater than 20 line pairs/mm. Some manufacturers report higher values as “Theoretical Resolution” from software image enhancements.


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