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User-friendly at all times, no waiting for the patient or the treatment team. Diagnosis is possible immediately on the screen. Twelve complete and intuitive programs for fast, high-definition processing of your images.     I-Max Touch is upgradeable from Panoramic to Pan-Ceph to 3D CBCT.


The I-Max Touch Panoramic + 3D CBCT unit improves the patient/practitioner relationship:
• Diagnosis is possible immediately on the screen.
• The added value of the treatment can be clearly presented.
• Decision making is shared.

A single sensor for panoramic and 3D images offers economy in preparation time. The 3D volume scan (8x8cm) provides an extended examination area, ideal for implant placement.

Removable Sensor: Cephalometry in Economy Mode
Choose between economical cephalometry or two fixed sensors for panoramic and cephalometric functions.

Patient positioning in just a few seconds
The operator can place the patient quickly in the ideal position, guided by laser beams (Frankfurt and midsagittal planes). The whole mouth is acquired in a single scan, minimizing the time required for patient immobility.

The I-Max Touch has a Panoramic Control Panel

User-friendly at all times
• The panel is designed for tactile and intuitive use of all functions.
• You can operate the I-Max Touch with your fingertips.
• The LCD touch screen provides an overview of twelve complete programs.
• The LCD provides high-definition display of your images.
• The I-Max Touch interface is the same as QuickVision imaging software.

The I-Max Touch Enhances Workflow Speed
Sharing resources is central to your office, whatever your configuration: Images can be stored on USB memory stick or shared via network

Price includes shipping, installation and training!

Ask about financing options!

Weight 700 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 60 in

I-Max Touch Pan, I-Max Touch Pan-Ceph, I-Max Touch 3D Pan, I-Max Touch 3D Pan-Ceph


QuickVision Software

QuickVision Imaging Software

QuickVision software is included to support your imaging needs. User-friendly and readily accessible, with its contextual menus, its icons and tabbed layout, the QuickVision software is 100% integrated with your panoramic unit and offers you image processing capabilities: contrast enhancement, video inversion, zoom, flters, pseudo-colours, equidensity, zoom navigator, etc. It also enables you to make very precise, actual size measurements directly on your panoramic image.Enjoy complete compatibility between the QuickVision software and the panoramic unit. The I-Max Touch interface is the same as in your QuickVision imaging software. All image processing and management features are immediately available. Patient positioning in just a few seconds.


SimPlant software is far more than a simple planning tool
SimPlant is a reliable, user-friendly system that enables you to plan an implant procedure, accurately and effectively with an instant display of compatible implants and abutments and SurgiGuide drill guides. Equipped with a library of more than 8,000 implants spanning 90 different brands, and an accurate mandibular nerve creation tool, SimPlant offers the best 3D diagnostic and implant treatment tools on the market.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Our dental center uses our IMAX Touch Pan Ceph 3D daily and is truly the most versatile machine we have!

    Thanks Video Dental

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